Coffee in the Arbour – Mason Jar Mini Album

Hello Maja Design friends,

Today I have a very special album to share with you.  I made it for a very special person.

CoffeintheArbour_JarAlbum  I made it as a recipe book. I guess that it would be wonderful to collect all the favorite recipes of desserts and drinks.

Jar_1The cover is clear acrylic, so you can easily look through it and see several of the pages.

Some of the pages are folded like an accordion

Jar_1aand I put some of the awesome pictures from Coffee in the Arbour Collection  – inside


Jar_2or used them outside.

Jar_2aI used almost every bit pf a scrap, left after I made all the cutting.

Jar_3All these scraps can be easily used as an embellishment also

Jar_4  This time I really enjoyed just making paper crafting , without any flowers and even art mediums.

Jar_4bJar_5Jar_5aJar_5bJar_6Jar_6aJar_6bJar_7Jar_7bI hope this person will love it as I do, as I had enjoyed so much while creating it for her.



Wedding Card

Hello Maja Friends. Today Elena is with you to share a card I made for a couple who has their wedding ceremony this very week.

WeddingCard-ElenaOlinevich  I used Vintage Summer Basics 6*6 paper pad. I just love this collection and I do love to create wedding cards this very summer.

I prefer when the wedding cards look a bit complicated and have the colors a bit various from plane white or beige.

img_5628 But I added some white flowers and mauve leaves.

img_5627  True Love  – this is all that matters while you are in love.

Have a good day


Dreaming about the Sea

Hello Maja Friends.

It is extremely hot in my place and I suffering from this heat. So I have been looking through the pictures taken during our vacation by the sea and just dreaming about some cold breeze and sea water.

Seaside_ElenaOlinevich_MainResThat is why I took Life by the Sea collection and started playing with its nautical motifs.

img_5410  First I moved withing blue and marina colors, but then I realized the the heat followed me there too and I added some red color spots too

img_5413 So the mixture of Sealight, anchors and feathers alongside with flowers turned into the embellishments for this Layout with the picture of my son playing at the beach

img_5415I placed everything on the string and that is the result:

img_5412  Thank you for stopping by today.



A Set of wedding Cards in Purple

Hello Maja Friends. I hope you are enjoying lazy summer days. as I happy to feel the summer every minute.

Not recently my friend asked me to create a wedding card, as they have been invited to a wedding celebration and she asked me to create something in purple tones.
When someone asks me to do something, I always wnat to see their satisfied faces so I have done 3 cards instead of one, so she could make a choice.

LilacCard_ElenaOlinevich1First I thought I need to create something in moderate genre, without any mixed media techniques, though it was quite challenging for me

Card_ElenaOlinevich1_clSo I added ribbons, lace trims and flowers.

Card_ElenaOlinevich1_cl2aAfter I added a resin angel and decided to use some of them too on other cards as well

LilacCard_ElenaOlinevich2I used the papers fromm Vintage Spring Basics 6*6 paper pad. and I needed only 3 sheets, as I used the leftovers for all 3 cards

Card_ElenaOlinevich2a_cl  I added tulle, lace , flowers and beautiful papers , of course

Card_ElenaOlinevich2_cland finally my third card:

LilacCard_ElenaOlinevich3  I used the butterflies on the background as they remind me about the feeling when you are in love and having a wedding ceremony.

Card_ElenaOlinevich3-clNot sure which card my friend choose, but I hope she will like them as well as this happy couple that will receive it.

Card_ElenaOlinevich3-Cl2  Hope you have liked my wedding cards. Have a wonderful day


Life by the Sea Mini Album

Hello Maja Friends.

I have been lucky enough to spend one week by the Baltic Sean in early June this year and took tons of pictures of my kids enjoying the see.

Today I have a mini album to share with you and it is full of fun photos onf my son who has seen the sea by the first time. Actually he is quite emotional so I decided to make a mini with those memory keepsakes.

sneakNo doubt Life by the Sea collection was my choice and it gave me the name of my album too.

LifebyThe SeaMain  I used acrylic album as a base for my album, some parts I covered with the papers, the others I left clear.

Life1Clear I combined the papers from 6*6 paper pad and 12*12 as well.

LifebyTheSea1LifebytheSea2LifebytheSea3LifebytheSea4 I put one more photo inside, on the back of this part:



LifebytheSea5aand here you can see how I painted the clear acrylic parts with the inks and embellished the page with the leftovers. so simple tip, but I guess it looks wonderful, isn’t it?

LifebytheSea6More mixed media tips were applied at the end of the album, but I admit it was the best way to support those cute photos

LifebyLastLifelastBI am sure you have already possess or will own some photos taken during your vacation time, and especially taken by the sea. so Life by the sea collection is what you reallu need to make a beautiful album and preserve those warm memories.

Hope you have enjoyed watching my album.


Funny Happy Time

Hello Maja Friends. Elena is blogging today and I have Funny Layout to share with you. It’s all about my little boy who has turned 24 months yesterday.


He is my liitle sun who is shining all the time. I used Vintage Spring Basics collection and added some bold accent colors. I combined 3 types of papers with strips prints

img_4191and they look quite great on the polka dots background. and those cut butterflies are so amazing for every project  I create



Hope you have liked my project. Have a wonderfull week end.



Family Photo Frame

Good morning Maja Friends.

I have a special photo frame to share with you today

FamilyPhotoFrame  I used acrylic Tri Fold Frames and made this collage with Vintage Spring basics collection

I made the focus on our Family photo and initially started creating something shabby, but then couldn’t resist and added some touches of mixed media ( though I supposed to keep it tidy and clean)


I left some acrylic pages uncovered with papers and stamp on them with white inks. TH etorn edges of the papers create a bit of shabby chic look

IMG_3791and I added some shabby embellishments to strengthen that feeling.

I still haven’t decide where I put it, but I want to look at this photo of us more often.

Have a good week end. My week end is going to be filled with new meetings and creation process, as I am going to teach classes in Moscow . Hope to see some of you there too.

Products used:

Vintage Spring Basics – 9th of March, Embellishments- Prima Marketing, Tri Fold Frame – Clear Scraps



Easter Canvas

Hello Maja Friends. Are you busy with your Easter preparations?

I feel like I always do just jump into decorations almost last minute. So this time I have decided to start creating something like this long time before.

So here is my Easter canvas that I am going to give to my Mother

EasterCanvasElena  I use yellow in my creations not rarely, I would say never. But some changes are needed  for my moving towards so I have already tried greens, so next turn is for the yellow.

And yes, Vintage Spring basics Collection has almost all of the possible colors to choose from lilac and purple, to olive, yellow, eggplant and so on

Centre  My canvas is just about 20*20 cm or 8*8 inches, so it’s  a little bit challenging for me as it is more in size than the card but quiet smaller than my usual and preferrable for the works size of 30*30 cm or 12*12 inches.

But I made some cutting from the papers, put some layers, added some flowers and branches and here is my feeling of this special day

ClosieCanvas1  Those daffodils are so amazing, I love them and they are my messenger for the warm spring. I have put several pictures of them on my canvas, but this one on the background is the pretiest one


I made some water coloring on the background as well as on my embellishments.

so hope my Mom will love it too.

Products used:

Vinatge Spring Basics – 1st of March, 2nd of march, 3rd of March, Days to Remeber;

Prima Marketing embellishments, 2Crafty Chipboard Border.





Shabby Chic Card Video Tutorial

Hello, Maja Friends. Elena is here to share with you my new card I made using some scraps left form the previous projects. I have already told you I am a savvy scrapper, so I can not afford to throw even a small piece of paper. I know it sounds strange, but sometimes you can create something awesome just using those leftovers.

CardMainVintage  I combined 2 collections there ( you know all the collections are designed that way that you can mix them) Vintage Summer Basics and Crea Diem. I have chosen those pieces that have some black accents as well as shabby pale pink, just love this combination.

IMG_3312  I added some embellishments, made a simple work on the background and a pretty card is ready to be given for someone special.


I have made also a video tutorial for you, so you can follow my simple instructions to revise your stash of leftovers.



Hope you have enjoyed it.



In Our Sofa…Welcome to Elena’s place

Good morning, Maja Friends.

Today is my turn to invite you to my little scrap space

Elena-Olinevich-E  It was not easy for me to make the shots of my place after I have seen Jenny’s gorgeous room about a month ago. But anyway, though it is not even a sole room , I hope you will like to see the place where I create.

So I have 3 places where I create – my kitchen, my daughter’s room and our living room, espeacially the big windows that I use to make the shots of all of my projects.

More often you can find me here, at my daughter’s room, where we share one desk:

IMG_2479  You have noticed I have almost occupied her desk with my Shimmerz paints and mists, but  in turn, I allow her to use them too. She doesn’t mind.

The only issue that arrives almost all the time – who is responsible for cleaning the desk, as I may start to create, then she comes , finds a small place and starting to borrow almost all of my embellishments I have prepared for my project.

After I find time to get back to my project I can not find anything, but on the other day she comes to me and says: Look, Mom, what I have created for you.

So what else I need to say that just – oh, dear, this is adorable, but could you be so kind and don’t pick it next time without my permission first.

So it’s not easy to share something with someone , especially when DT boxes arrive, she looks in them and says – it is too much for you, I need 30% of it or I won’t let you create at my desk.

This is for instance how she says about my Chipboard box:


So doing it this way, I have struggled with her for providing me with one shelf, and she allowed me to use a half of it, so this is where I keep all my stencils, masks and some mediums:

IMG_2486  As I can not keep all my supplies in open access because we have another one little kid, my son, who is just 20 months old and who  explores life every minute, I need to hide the rest of my stuff.

So this is how I keep all my papers, if I don’t want them to be painted or leaving some sketches on them:

IMG_2490  The number 516 doesn’t mean I have 516 sheets of cardstock, it’s just a note that was made during the shipping the box to me by the customs office or someone like that.

As I design for several companies I decided to keep all the collections ( the papers and the embellishments in one box), it makes it easier to find and match them. For Maja Design papers I use their signed boxes and just make the notes which collections are in the box.

I am not going to show you my kitchen desk, as you won’t see something special there.

So our next stop is another room full of light and white furniture:

IMG_2702  This drawer is a shabby style one, an we bought  the same leather sofa, so next step is to paint the walls with white paint and add some decorations.

Don’t laugh at the number of the baby carriages, I bought them for my decoration projects, but I need to hide them as well as the kids are struggling for them to play with.

This is how many of my Layouts are kept, mostly the old ones, that I don’t like too much and I think I just need to put off the embellishments and give the papers to the kids. I need to think how to recycle them if I don’t want them to be on the albums or on the walls

IMG_2708  Yes, the paint is hidden even there.

And here is my favorite object in this room

IMG_2703  I am scrap addicted but I am book- addicted too. It is full of the books for the kids or teenagers mostly, but I buy those books that are out of age, and that are inetersted for everyone. I need to say that  for the past 5 years I have spent on the books almost the same som of money as for my scrap hobby. I seek for good and inspiring illustrations, good poetry and the text that makes you start thinking while reading. No needless to say that I find a huge inspiration from the books too.

My hubby doesn’t like the idea of spending too much on my hobby as well as on the books as his main argument is – we don’t have ebough space to keep it all. But I have already found many drawers and extra space everywhere, and I can not wait when our house will be built so I can have a huge studio and cabinet in one, half of it will be for creatong, the other one – for enjoying the books.

I hope you have liked my space as much as I love my house.

Next time Maja will invite us to her space, so stay tuned and don’t miss it on April 12th.