So Sweet & Precious

Hello,today I am here to share with you a couple LO’s I did, combining Maja Design’s Vintage Baby Collection,with Vintage Spring Basics Collection.I have also completed my kitchen wall using the Nyhavn Collection,so I will also be sharing thatc3528148-315a-4adf-bbcb-ef34475e7ffb_zpsfskkvufa (2)The Adorable little girls are Chris Lim’s granddaughters,Cass & Caitlyn. They are just so cute. Vintage-Baby-PI used:New Arrival,Our Little Miricle, From the 6×6 Vintage Baby I used:Welcome Little One,Adorable-BS,Baby Showers-BS,Journaling Cards-BSVintage-Spring-Basics-PFrom the Vintage Spring Basics I used: 4th of May,6th of March & 5th of AprilThe Chipboard used is from Dusty AtticOther products used: Prima Flowers & metal hearts, I am Roses,tiny roses,Petaloo berries,Queen & Com Bling  Here are some closeups of detail…e68c985c-e512-459a-9b8f-b085800c212b_zpskl1vremjI did lots of distressed,hand stitched paper layers….06de5f45-0f58-4925-938b-f163736cfd60_zpshn3x2ldc8d135d20-219a-4ad8-89b1-ad817f5e47f6_zpsrnp9guhk (1)I covered the DA hot air balloon with the Maja Papers…be747248-e60f-41e9-a85b-e7d8aab0b588_zpsevt0hpan (1)8b35225b-b04b-4d15-b36c-1cb078d38075_zpsxxrihmjf (1)8f8b307d-ea2f-47a2-b13c-8355fd7461e8_zpsutmenmv3 (1)5e97719d-e9e4-4384-85fe-4715a4d41c9d_zpsvymowndr (1)9f669f21-7ef1-43ad-8564-ae43f9987792_zpsnpfq77rie011a98e-8dd4-4366-8da1-a1dfdb97a1fd_zpskn0bsepjHere is my next LO,also combining the Vintage Baby & Vintage Spring Collections…8eae1307-e29b-468c-a894-3597cc5b6604_zpspbnp65mjFrom the Vintage Baby I used: Expecting,Flowers for Mom, From the Vintage Baby 6×6 paper pads I used: It’s a Girl,Flowers for Mom,Journaling cards pink-BS,Flowers for Mom-BS &Baby Shower  From the Vintage Spring Basics I used:2nd of May-BS & 4th of May

The chipboard used is from Dusty Attic

Other Products used:Prima Flowers,Queen& Comp Bling, IamRoses,tiny roses,Die-namites Dies

Here are some closeups of detail…d3439a1d-e388-4918-93e9-daa0c0a8667b_zpsr3d3vl6jOn most of the chipboard I used picket fence crackle,once the crackle dried, I brushed on some brown chalk,to bring out the cracks….5ca7d6c3-a6ed-4f0a-b01e-e505e8f77311_zpsr4wu0s4zThe rocking horse is is a die from Die-namite’s. I did lots of card stock layers,then the Maja layers…12df3d5d-5bb9-4125-95a3-9139c44793c2_zpsciekcahvfec4841b-ddeb-4405-a627-8023a15bc775_zpsa6cvlii8c159d5ff-fa1f-4bf4-a3ca-559887413979_zpsntkxgqkj9f669f21-7ef1-43ad-8564-ae43f9987792_zpsnpfq77ri83829ce5-3fff-44cc-99e7-61b694a4bbb1_zps4eucgs2kI did the same to the carriage as I did with the rocking horse….

Now I am going to share with you my completed kitchen project,using the Nyhavn Collection…2934cdc8-8fea-4e19-92f1-a5a0cc57dd7d_zpstbzmncb9Our kitchenac4740168c1047f8ba2ec3e809a6c581A before photo of the walla3c3a3d8-4066-48b3-b624-3eb8297b54c6_zpsd3r4m2rxAfter photos of the wall…cafd88b2-f04c-4775-a376-3584e46a09c2_zpso9eerjbeThe last of 40 LO’s I did for this project…497ef276-40f3-402b-9ea4-b19fec87ad67_zpsxhcvma819ced0067-21a6-4300-8aaa-260f4ea26d09_zpssr4ho4gx39ec644a-ffbe-4bbb-8e8c-4d38e956a023_zpskeicliula7c0b424-db17-400f-895a-5ff3ec51184f_zpssb5fu9itc101ae33-7bdb-48f9-a362-77113148f471_zpstkuw7cfde1780534-aa29-4aa3-83fd-c552a3e94d85_zpstk30bnhx My last LO,using the Walking in the Forrest Collection,one of my Favs5f6c4f31-0f46-43f1-a9b4-d01d13c50eaa_zps3lpocu4qThank you so much for taking the time to look….Rachelle

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Special Moment

Hello,today I am here to share with you, a LO I did, combining the Vintage Baby Collection & the Vintage Spring Basics Collection. The photo’s used, are of me, giving Sigurdur his first bath,in 1981,time flies!!! I am also going to show you, the latest LO’s I have completed for the kitchen wall….80d053481c0a4ee08e51a606e8024b10


From the Vintage Baby Collection, I used: Special Moment, First Teddy Bear-BS,Journaling cards blue & a BS of a label….Vintage-Spring-Basics-P

From the Vintage Spring Basics I used: 2nd of April-BS,7th of April & 7th of April-BS

The chipboard used is from Dusty Attic,the flowers used are Prima…

Here are some closeups of detail….97021269ff9d43c4bd2be4f41dc1f0ceI just love all of the images on the Vintage baby Collection……0d03626e90034d59b9ec6e266a9acbfdI used picket fence crackle on most of the chipboard,ten rubbed in some brown chalk once the crackle had dried…14fcb7cb1a5d4d658b5ada411d624a8aShows distressed,hand stitched layers…e791fa0949b04afaa1aefcdb68b6a8b7



Here are some more LO’s I completed for the kitchen wall using the Nyhavn CollectionNyhavn-PI used Kings Square-BS,Veteran ships-BS & Sitting at the dock

The chipboard used is from Dusty Attic

For this LO,I used a photo of my middle son,who is now painting canvas’s,finding the creative side in him….31db4537bbe742c0bd360a17b44be474For the red used on the chipboard ,I  used my wall paint,for the red,plus I applied a coat of clear crackle varnish.

I used LuminArt’ (Jasper Red)H20 over the crackle on the chipboard. The red was still a bit to bright,so I toned with wintermist gray H20,once the red had dried. I used this on all the chipboard in these LO’s….I also inked the edges of the chipboard using a ink pad..I used distressed brushed pewter stain,paint & crackle on the rest of the chipboard.

This next LO,is of me with my sisters,I am the first one on the left,the oldest…..92861ee8d5604520ba204e8609cd7823A LO of us girls as we got older,my Mom called us the 3 Queens,we did not like that!!!! 83aea1bc36334d34bb28633ab5e086edThis is a photo, of a younger,Siggi,my husband….868a3778765d4214addb7191d3b29a15My Mom & Dads wedding photo,with my grandparents…010833acc94241ecb3c315053409b668My middle & youngest son,when they were little…dea0f5766f0d44c7992c2834ea7f5a48My husbands parents,wedding photo…e134f5e2b12740b485a7a2fee07fc847Well, I guess that is it for today,I am hoping that, for my next post I can show you the before & after of the kitchen wall….Rachelle Rachelle-sign (2)




Love That & more LO’s for the Kitchen Wall

Hello,today I am here to share with you, a few more LO’s I did, for our kitchen wall. I do have to say, that this task, is getting harder to do, (working with the same paper,over & over,lots of boy LO’s, & with the color tones, being the same trough out, I am finding that, I may be getting a bit repetitious,as my embellishments are limited). But as I am doing the LO’s,I am adding them to the wall, & the wall is looking amazing,so it gives me the drive to keep on going.

The first three 3 LO’s are of my nephews,the first one is of Quenton….6ee0eb86bed64989b27189fc610ccdb6I used Kings Square-BS,Veteran Ship-BS & Sitting on the Dock from the Nyhavn Collection. The chipboard used is from Dusty Attic.

Other products used:TCW, template, The Story 12X12, Coffee Splotch 6X6, Prima Texture Paste Graphite, & metal, Tim Holtz paints,rock candy crackle,brushed pewter crackle,paint & stain,LuminArt Jasper Red

Here are some closeups of detail….6d7e963866f64b4bab64dfff43ebdbc1 (1)To deepen the color of Veterans Ship-BS,I painted on Tattered Angels Indian corn & rubbed in some pebbles chalk…I inked all the edges of the paper using a mixture of charcoal & grey mist,I used a brush to do this…154a0c3969af436ea19c34bbe0c1fa97For the red used on the chipboard ,I  used my wall paint,for the red,plus I applied a coat of clear crackle varnish. I used LuminArt’ (Jasper Red)H20 over the crackle on the chipboard. The red was still a bit to bright,so I toned with wintermist gray H20,once the red had dried. I used this on all the chipboard in these LO’s….I also inked the edges of the chipboard using a ink pad..I used distressed brushed pewter stain,paint & crackle on the rest of the chipboard.311d70b702234bdb83ca48443d46ffde



60dee0d282fd4e1e9c19b1a6fccda44f (1)


9363ca19b03c4c8daefa112ac5a1917d (1)Here is my next LO,of Quentons brother Elliot…4d43260ac5e94dbc97bf322994013382I used all the paints & metal as I did in the above LO. The Templates used are TCW, dart board 6×6,contact sheet 6×6, & Tim Holtz rulers….

My next LO is of Justin,Quinton & Elliots cousin…..eacbdbd9b39a4a00a33da9d571204fc5The stencils used: TCW, believe 12×12, Specimens 6×6,mini screen print, 6×6, Tim Holtz rulers.

This next LO is of my Mother with her siblings,my mom is holding the baby….51b3539dd3574645b9b3d4b6a4010da9This is the last photo,I took of my Mom with her Siblings,before she passed away June 2013. Mom is the beautiful lady,lower right corner…0db863cdf1dd484580ccebaa7b3f4119The last LO,for today,me with my best friend Tenely.071ccac6161d49d98bac79800bfde0f4I am on a count down,only 16 left to go,then I can show you a before & after of the wall!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to look….Rachelle

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Hello World & Just Me

Hello,today I am going to share with you, a very long post,working with the Beautiful Nyhavn Collection. This winter,we repainted the whole inside of our home,using different tones of grays. I also have a feature,wall in the kitchen,that is in the red tone, that holds 36 shadow boxes with Scrapbook LO’s.ac4740168c1047f8ba2ec3e809a6c581 (1)Once we completed all the painting, & I received the Nyhavn Collection, & saw that the Kings Square-BS was in the same gray tones as I used in the kitchen, I decided to do all new LO’s, using the color tones of the kitchen.

I am using these 3 sheets, from the Nyhavn Collection,for this project. Because I mainly want the gray, as the background,I will not be doing, as much paper layering. I will get my texture through stencils & the DA chipboard.So this is all new to me. I will also be changing all my photos to black & white. My first step,for this project was to go online shopping. I ordered more Dusty Attic Chipboard, the Maja Design, Nyhavn Collection, (I ordered enough,for this project,plus future projects,as it is a limited edition). I also ordered some stamps,stencils,texture pastes & mists or H20,that would be in my color tones. Now I had to wait for my supplies to arrive, so my next step was to paint the chipboard I had on hand. I used my wall paint,for the red,plus I applied a coat of clear crackle varnish. I used distressed brushed pewter stain,paint & crackle on the rest of the chipboard. The chipboard was now ready for a final coat of H20’s,or whatever I wanted to apply over the crackle. I also went through all of my flowers,that were to bright for the Maja Collections & dipped them into all the paint colors, that I used in the kitchen (I watered down the paint). Now I was organized & ready for my paper to arrive….

For today’s post,I decided to do 2 LO’s, that will go up on the wall,one of a younger me,& one of me now….8502405e47864dc9a7c00ae373f6563b

Nyhavn-PFrom the Nyhavn Collection I used Kings Square-BS, Veteran Ship-BS & Sitting on the dock

The Chipboard used is from Dusty Attic, Other products used:Prima Texture Paste,Graphite, Prima Wire thread,Auburn,Tim Holtz,rock candy crackle,TH distress stains & paints,brushed pewter. TCW,stencils Art is (6×6), confetti (6×6), Coffee Splotch (12×12) & (6×6)

Here are some closeups of detail…..90ad2dbd90334090a3bfa6611c7eecf1 (1)Using a paint brush, I applied TA ( Indian Corn) to deepen the color,of Veteran Ship-BS, I also inked all the edges of the paper.42b91d773ccd4fa992c1f69cb09262f8

79a43c66cf5a41ec8f1b58a16ef4c208The younger me:liked to dress in nice cloths,even if they were itchy,like angora or mohair. Wore heals,as I am only 5 foot 3. Socialized, but also loved being at home. I enjoyed crafts at that time of my life,( knitting & cross stitch & embroidery).I was also gardening at that time….We did lots of travelling….Here are some close ups of detail….36a18ec026fb47599a48ed825f628cb8One of my favorite mediums, is crackle,here I used TH rock candy & brushed pewter….b73c37e819cf49458756662bec0aa515Ilove the dream weaver,it allows me to really play with chipboard, & of course lots of detail….Here is my next LO,ME now…..4c0ebf44a1174d72b54a46a5bbe303dfI don’t worry so much about appearance now, & this photo shows it. I can not believe my hair, I wear bangs, so I must have done my usual,not really taking a good look at my self,before flying out the door, to get this set of photos taken. I now wear,Lulu Lemon, & all cotton, comfy cloths. I do not wear heels,because of the bunions I got, from my early years of wearing them.I still love to spend money on nice things,but instead of buying a new outfit,I am now buying Scrapbooking supplies. I prefer to stay at home,really have lost the desire to socialize, would rather spend my free time on scrapbooking, then going out for lunch or coffee.We do not travel as much, & I am losing the desire,I really am content at home.When I get my mind set on something,like this project,there is no stopping me,I will find a way to get, what I want, or what I want to do,even if I have lose sleep,to get my project done. My goal is to have this done,before I start to work out in the garden. We get lots of family & company through out the summer,so I would like them to be able to see the completed project. Here are some closeups of detail…..72ce14ba00c54be4b80ce8f33876074cFor the red on all the chipboard,I first painted it with the reddish wall paint,then applied a thick coat of crackle. Once the crackle dried I applied some LuminArte,Jasper Red H2O3fdbf6addfda49eaba7f4477bd0b141a

1aa3ae76c5f64658ae8f4e395676d969Now I am going to share with you, a before & after of a corner of the kitchen,that is completed & all the LO’s that I have done,so far, for this project…7e645fa178c54a53aceda3484a024a6dThe reason,I decided to take on this project, is that, I decided that there was to much going on,on the wall,with the wall being reddish. I actually have 160,shadow boxes through out the house. The rest are on a charcoal colored wall,so anything goes. As I am changing these,ones I am moving,these ones to other areas of our home.I already know what my next winters project is, updating all the shadow boxes. I have, had the shadow boxes for about 10 years, & I goggled them & they are still out there, MCS Industries,Inc shadow box…..a85a3b06357a4bc8b89b8465bd3fb8ceThis corner is completed & I love how it looks…Here are the LO’s I have completed so far…

The 1st & 2nd ones are canvas’s of my 3 boys…0969d8b22238459ba23fd5b41d4ef533

8a6ea1e33a7f42edb10a3f27353c004a The next,is a LO,of my oldest son Sigurdur,who is now 33 years old…..b8db92d46b0e435387a8ea1f0494c27cThis LO is of, my middle son Erlendur,he is now 29 years old,& so very happy he is still here with us. Last January he was in a snow mobile accident,leaving him with a severe brain injury (his survival rate is 3%,so it really is a miracle, that he is still with us today). Erlendur,is a very self motivated young man,has worked very hard at recovery,in fact is planning on going back to work this April. I don’t think,I would have updated our home this winter, if it wasn’t for DD being home,& needed something to do…..4e7d234f013042f290aa9075a06657abThis LO is of my youngest son Tandri,who is now 26 years old…3a423d3a44f049bba7ffdc4822784852A LO,of our Family & dogsc78faad5f9fa4d07a32a03909a754a96A LO,of Tandri & Renee (Tandri’s girlfriend of 6 years)2abbc8c6d5554630854185b34b770bfcA LO,of Renee,using a photo, I took of her, when she got accepted into Law…70c4480bdbda42b087eaf99a625a1230A LO of Siggi & I,we have been married for 36 years….7d8da3509bf3467b811639f34a670e42Love this photo of Erlendur & Siggi, gives me the giggles….b0d2dd9501804cbaa70925c00eb66074A LO of my sister & me….6bcdfbf0b7c1427b9157058fdb42e992Another photo I love, of Tandri & Milo….81ded2a203f2421f91e8ee0c532f9259Siggi & I with our 5 barking dogs,they are also getting older….3c046e03d6d8498e94f6fed77b295946A photo of me, with my sister & birth-daughter…cbece21fa1b7482f9ca0502dafb63620A special photo of Tandri,with my mom & dad. My mom passed away June 2013,at the young age of 76…..7f9f7db57f444bd29c65a0495d8ca74fI will say this project, does have its challenges,one of them being,that I am working with the same paper,day after day. How ever,as I am putting them up on the wall,& the wall is looking better,I stay enthused. I have also learned,lots through doing this. Through the last couple years, I have been spending lots of time, on other peoples photos, to match with the paper. Now I plan to use my own photo’s & change them into either septa or B&W,if they do not have the color,that are in the Maja Collections. After losing my mother,& just about losing my middle son,I decided,I really need to Scrap more of our,own Family, & I am really enjoying doing so. Thank you so much for taking the time to look…….Rachelle

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Love Completely

Hello,since we are still in the month of February, I decided to do another wedding LO,using the Vintage Summer Basics Collection….b812abbb898245ecac7bcb7854126d0a

Vintage-Summer-Basics-P1I used:1921,1922,1899,1926-BS,1905,minnen,minnen-BS

The chipboard used is from Dusty Attic1271c0ae7ffa497aa196ab450948c115Shows,distressed,some punch work,stencil work,hand-stitching,& lace used in the layers…0e5cb8cecc1f4e0cb715a0d07f173e2b

7b2d3c6d287c4d40b2bfb3291566fdcdI used picket fence crackle on the string of hearts….The flowers are Prima…Here are some more closeups…c090bdaaf39a4f86b2de2122ab04fe30



Thank you so much for taking the time to look….Rachelle

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We Be Married

Hello, today I am here to share with you a wedding LO I did, being the month of February “Valentines”……c5aa96def5d44f719a2e6c2c81e3f4cd

Nyhavn-PI used:Heritage Harbour,The sunny side-BS,Romantic Lunch-BS,Veteran ships-BS,Strolling along the canal-BS,Sitting at the dock

The Chipboard used is from Dusty Attic

Here are some closeups of detail….734ca7badb024038ba1a04de6531d828I did some distressed paper layers, stencil work & hand stitching. I also did some tearing of the paper…0156fb6ecff94385bc0a24c3369f52a1I used TH distressed brushed pewter on most of the chipboard,then inked the edges….a3f0ba1d2b884e08883c5a8d042fe9aaI cut out the hearts from the paper I was using,inked the edges,then applied a thick coat of clear crackle..1ee64d88646b453e86c0b32ae759fa07Stencil work,using TCW confetti stencil & Viva modelling cream…150fd4de8d4943c5a3a4159ebae89405Flowers are Prima….eeaa24d9a45c4f53b3bcd8c1ebb54ac4

6f584986bdfd47ac8c54eb1ebfd93e3eHere is another LO I did combining a few of the Maja Collections…7f509afa0beb499283c9fe1e8543cbb8I used: From the Nyhan Collection Veteran ship-BS, Coffee in the Arbour Collection:smell of coffee-BS, Vintage Summer Basics 1912-BS, & Fika Socherkaka-BS

Thank you so much for taking the time to look…Rachelle

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The Look

Hello,today I am here to share with you, a LO I did using the Beautiful Nyhavn Collection…..3f6055e2-24fe-405d-8acd-6c28b4f7b2e6_zpspyer6fyyI really like how the pinks & grays turned out with the B&W photo…Nyhavn-PI used:Romantic Lunch-BS,Strolling down the canal,Strolling down the Canal-BS,Sitting on the dock & Sitting on the dock- BS

The chipboard used is from Dusty Attic

Here are some closeups of detail….82ffc9c9-d8da-404f-a1d3-6cd6fc52942b_zpsutq1u9zcOn the chipboard I used TH brushed pewter distress paint. I also mixed Viva modeling cream,rose & mother of pearl & used it on the chipboard,as well as the stencil work. While the modeling cream was still wet I sprinkled on some silver micro beads on to the heads of the grasses,hearts & on to the alpha…..211972c8-a949-43e8-bf7e-a0d04ed22cbf_zpsy0mofxotShows paper layers & hand stitching…9edb90aa-dc7b-4c91-a4de-33ff96737afa_zpsectwfr3vThe roses are Prima….ed02b49a-9cdc-4a67-b2ca-ba5ea79c8e0f_zpsxnubhn0jI used TCW confetti 6X6 stencil….6b1db4e4-3896-46dd-9073-d7265a32c991_zps5poi23boI ripped out a hole in the paper,& glued chicken wire in between the paper layers…a0cc9665-e041-48c4-8eab-58b4611d34fb_zps1w7g3n0j

06bd0300-30c7-4cb0-93db-388cd8899c3d_zpslhhyx5nzI just love the expression,on Lief’s cute little face. Thank you so much for taking the time to look……RachelleRachelle-sign (2)





Live Beautifully

Hello,today I am here to share with you, a Altered Journal I did,using this months Mood Board. I cheated & used the colors, in this months Mood Board, instead of choosing my own colors…


I used Kaffetaren den basta ar-BS from the Fika Collection, & Wrapped in old Newspaper,Handwritten Post Card, & the Die cut Sheet from the A Gift for You Collection.

The Chipboard used is from Dusty Attic

Here are some closeups of detail……




Here is another project I did, a LO, combining a few of Maja’s Collections….

ca005d96-0397-49f7-a5bf-9f8914e98fd4_zps2de03c71The Maja Design used:Vintage Autumn Basics no.VIII-BS,Vintage Spring Basics:1st of March,Vintage Summer Basics:1905,1905-BS,Walking in the Forrest: Diecut letters-BS

The Chipboard used is from Dusty Attic                                                                         Other products used:Flowers are: Bobunny,Prima & Petaloo. Petaloo,Berry Stems,Prima crackle,mica flakes,burlap,mesh,cheescloth,beads,Shimmerz-goldie lox,Perfect Pearls mists-bronze,chalk,brown ink pad,Tim Holtz stencil,Viva Modelling cream,gold liquid pearls…

Here are some closeups of detail….3d2ff4ed-cf69-477e-94e8-525e45a853a1_zps3991a2d1On the fish net panel,I used bronze perfect pearls. I used clear crackle on all of the sea shells,then rubbed in either, the rust color chalk,or blue chalk to bring out the cracks. I also inked the edges using a brown ink pad….3224a9e7-21ce-4af0-98f2-39e1fa980aa5_zps23473643I   used the bronze PP,on the string frame,& Seagrass,then inked the edges. I used gold liquid pearls for the tops of the sea grass….35992087-9e19-4846-b157-7abdd2890e66_zps1f200cf6



11990c21-e936-4286-b392-c57d8bf23c93_zpse5b31d1dI  used Bronze PP on the Barb Wire,inked the edges,glued it on to stained cheese cloth,then sprayed it with clear varnish, & sprinkled on the mica flakes, while the varnish was still wet. Then I glued on some beads….e6ceaf22-ec31-48b3-8944-d515f895413e_zps80b16066

d18a43a3-428a-4f68-97c0-775ea171fdd9_zpsd8cf3902Thank you so much for taking the time to look….Rachelle

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year!!!! Today I am going to share with you a card I made & some LO’s I did for the year 2014,using the Beautiful Maja Design Collections……


From the Vintage Autumn Basics Collection I Used:no.XIX,no.XIX-BS,no.XXI,,no.VII-BS,no.XX,& Heritage

The Chipboard used is from Dusty Attic





Rachelle Sigurdson















d1b6ea94-6550-4164-9563-1af5d1d64dfe_zpsd1a47326 (1)






Thank you so much for taking the time to look,& all the Best to You & Yours for the Year 2015! Happy New Year….Rachelle

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!!! Today I am going to share with you, a Christmas stocking card that I made for a very special lady in Sweden, Marie. Marie is the Designer, of all the Beautiful Maja Design Collections. This is going to be a long post, as I did a tut on the stocking,plus added another couple projects, I did using Maja Design…..00e2cc664544471dbe9a197e332ca150
I have a longer supply list on this post, as I decided to do a tut. It may be confusing (LOL),but I took the photo’s in the order as I was working on this,missing a few here & there!!!  I used the Vintage Frost Basics CollectionVintage Frost Basics

I used:6th of December,21st of December-BS,8th of December,20th of December-BS,Christmas diecuts & BS’s of labels

The Dusty Attic Chipboard used:Vintage Frame,Holly #1 2pk,ATC Frame #1,Lace Border #2 ,Mini Holly #2,All I want for Christmas,Marrakesh Trellis Small,mini heart buttons,Flourish #5,mini Lamp Posts,mini script ABC
Other products: Petaloo:Penny lane-forget me-robin egg blue,Burlap Poinsettias-Ivory,Spring Berry Clusters-Pink,IamRoses:Ivory semi open buds, Prima Marketing:Texture Paste- White Sand,Prima-Clear Crackle,Prima White Crackle,shabby chic treasures-door locks,& Audrey Flowers,Tim Holtz:Distress Glitter,Clear Rock Candy,Frosted Film,Pebbles chalk,Earth tones,Viva:modelling cream,pearl,Etsy ArtwearElements:Vintage White/Ivory Sari Silk recycled ribbon,Burlap,ribbon,pearls
Now,I will do a Tut on how I made this stocking….573e8c768f4b44b4b11723b0887a39d3

I started off  by drawing & cutting out the top & bottom, of the stocking on white cardstock. You can use any old paper,as you don’t see it…..3430fd4ed63c460dacf2f020b1c6e2ce
One of the pieces of Dusty Attic I wanted to use is this Vintage Frame,so that is one of my starting points,of designing around the frame….cb0ca81a37dd4c9a9a93785faf076fbb
I then traced &cut out the lower part of the stocking onto the piece of Maja Paper. I glued it onto the cardstock. I use 2 layers,because of my hand stitching. If you are not stitching,you will not need as many layers or backings….071b84cd39d84e49aa7ffe5b998ddbb6
I will first go through my scraps to see what I will use on the stocking…8a2fd201bacb45deae8760d7c1887a50
I traced & cut out the toe & heal of the stocking…768c8297ead44650aa83bc1733f784f8
I distressed the edges, & decided to use the Marrakesh Trellisbe7775813ef841e49a5970ff83ec585c
I glued the Trellis under the heel & toe,then trimmed off the excess…6cfdf83e9eda47c28293611f3f4b9b3f

I glued the Santa onto Dec 20th-BS, cut it out then distressed the edges..569cb2d58909479fa7182ff2ad6e826b
I will also hand stitch this…4d37f68bee6940eca6a02caf9115aef1
Theses hearts are the hearts that are dangling from the ribbon, I glued 2 hearts together with a piece of chain in between.88e02efa49bc446e86d2a7aa1db19307
Then I clamped them together until the glue dried…..6afd73bc311a44d68c362b660553b83a
I have now stitched the outside edges of the Santa. I covered the inside part of the Vintage frame with 21st of Dec. I  covered the top part of the stocking, I glued some lace on,then hand stitched the top & bottom,leaving the sides until I stitch the stocking together…The piece of chipboard is a piece of the lace border,left over from a project I did before this…3fda548f258b4af683aaf8c71a2567a1
The BS of the top part of the stocking….ef9e2f3e6e334dd08ae140023ea6d5fa
Now that I have the top just about done, I placed it on top of the lower part of the stocking,to decide what else I wanted to add….6daa8f75a7e6474c9f9765262270e8d3
So, this is what I decided on….75ff669b3c0b419b83445a13ee95efe9
I painted the Frame with white crackle,then once the crackle dried I brushed on some brown chalk,to bring out the cracks,then inked the edges,using a brown ink pad….41bae14ccb3943b783dab986b6ccb96d
I decided to do the frame, as I did the lace,I painted on a thick coat of clear crackle,onto the paper,then attached it to the BS of the frame, (the crackle will act as the glue) then sprinkled on glass glitter & TH glitter while the crackle was still wet….fa31f40198ed4084b2896cf949ea486c
I used the TH frosted film over top the images….c99fb5b8a5b44a28985bc61c6c2f3704
I glued the BS’s of the label, onto this piece of paper,then cut them out & distressed the edges….0b37705dd03243bda42a08a07d870a39

I glued a piece of burlap, onto the top part of the stocking….b214feb2f3104c739b6736736abceeef
These are dry now,so I gave them a coat of cloudy blue paint,let that dry,then I applied a thick coat of clear crackle,sprinkling on the glass glitter & glitter as the crackle was still wet…These will have to dry,then I did the BS the same….81c5d97448274c5683dd383c253dbf44
I punched in some eyelets,did some lace work,secured the door locks with brads. I also glued a piece of burlap on the BS of the stocking…485d2cdfc95a432db3e6872cf7af3d9a
I am now gluing the top of the stocking on to the bottom….c9cd6c36b0694530890743af96659410
I put weight on it as it dries…c510f3489ec24aaab7cb5df0de2c75c3
I finished hand stitching the stocking,the glued it on to the 20th of Dec -BS,distressing the edges…I also added the frame & flourish’s. I did the same treatment to those as I did to the frame….ae895a1711164968a64bb38442637088
I used white sand texture & glitter on the outside edges….61b7755f81ca49af97310adff2d6f393
I used the Viva on the flowers to tone them down,it also adds shine….

Here are some closeups of detail…696656169135484080c3be76f2c0d8e8
Now, for the final touches.On the left side,I made a bow using recycled ribbon,I love it,as it is already tattered & distressed.I then glued on the Petaloo burlap flower, the holly chipboard & the berry clusters..3362327ee5974fc5b28c3e31901532de
I also used the Viva on the rose buds.My flower clusters consist of Prima Audrey Collection,Petaloo Penny Lane-robin egg blue,I am roses Ivory semi open buds & Dusty Attic Mini Holly….5c7d4a7967c3480490d6b24b2d3b7222
I frayed the burlap that I was working with to mix in with the ribbon & to sting beads & tie on the dangling hearts. I also used the frayed burlap for the lacing…115f6036d1b546518524d0d9678b9495
I did the same treatment on the bottom part of the title. I used white sand texture733acd5af2a5406ca80c22b4a6c94521
Added pearls to the Marrakesh Trellis5091acc6e30d4bbdba96709d3ef0b25e




Here is a LO I did using “A Gift for You”693885f4ceb848619552a9d345f8474c
From “A Gift for You”,Made by Me-BS,Hand written postcard,My dear Friend-BS,from the Frojdefull Jul Collection I used Ringdans, Rindans-BS, The Chipboard used is from Dusty Attic….
Here are some closeups of detail…f6dfe334436a441481d60ae116935af7
For the “red” used on all the chipboard, I used red pepper alcohol ink,then applied a coat of crackle & sprinkled on glitter while the crackle was wet…. For the “white” used on all the chipboard I used Prima white sand texture, I sprinkled on rock candy glitter,or pearl glass glitter,while the texture paste was still wet….5fbbbb8de18d46138db7d9fe8120e4c8

The poinsettia’s are petalloo.I sprayed them with a clear,matte varnish,then sprinkled on glitter,then I applied the white sand texture to the outside edges….30f9775b95594334a7aa4980b80e5a2f



The berry stems are Petalloo…28678129dde5473b9d2085e847df63e8

This is a Prima flower,that I altered. I applied the white sand texture to the outside edges,let dry. Then I sprayed it with varnish,& sprinkled on glass glitter,& rock candy glitter..de3d8b15f6cc4a608d4daf3ca9f894ce
I had extra left over from my LO,so I decided to make a card…9e01e900fa44405388629eb31928292b
The Maja Design used: A Gift for You Collection,Handwritten Post Card,My dear friend-BS,Die cut sheet, From Frojdefull Jul, I used Vavd lopare-BS, the chipboard used is from Dusty Attice504a039e18b4f8ab6e9aa3ed6d492ad
Here is another card I made using the Vintage Frost Basics Collection…5070037ddaf541368947edb18d039772
I used: 1st of Dec,1st of Dec-BS,3rd of Dec,&21st of Dec-BS,the chipboard is from Dusty Atticd1cfa361db3040e4bbcaa5113d8890ef
Thank you so much for taking the time to look. Wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas & all the Best in the New Year…..Rachelle

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