Lovely Baby Books

Hello Everyone <3

Today its me, Silje Kristin, that will inspire you <3

You know, here in the north of Norway, the autumn weather really put hes roots. I’m home at my home place, this weekend to visit my mother and my younger sister. My sister are just so wonderful, she’s amazing and I love here <3 She has taken me out every day to enjoy the great colors that are outdoors in this loong walks. Next week my sister get operated in her both ankles, so this time with her is so important for me <3 And about 6 week she can walk again <3.

This Sunday, I wanted to show you two books that I have decorated with beautiful paper from Maja Design, The Vintage Spring Basics collection <3


I browsed through all the pattern sheets in the series, and picked out 4 pink and 4 blue sheets that fit together. Once I had decided the pattern paper, I started to building it up layer by layer. Before I put them on, I glued several stripes with white ribbon on the cover of the books.

On the top of the pink book, I have attached two large pink buttons, with a double bow. Atop of the bow, I have attached a smaller pink button, with a bow and a small pink bling.

In the bottom corner, I have 3 pink heart buttons, everyone has a bow, with a pink bling on top.

The letters with the word Girl on, they are letters from Prima. All the letters are made whiter with Wink of Stella Brush, white.

Since I whant these books to stand out a little, I have chosen to decorate with small blue roses, in between the pink and the white flowers.

On the Pink book, the floers are from Wild Orchids and Prima. The scellet leaf, i have paint withe some white acrylic paint. In betwin the flowers, I have used details such as safety pin, Baby pacifier and a metal from Prima, with the word baby on <3

The blue book, is very similar to the pink. The main difference is that this book is blue, and made to a little baby boy <3

On this book, the buttons are blue in the top corner. The buttons are large and have a double bow. On the top of the bow, I have a floral button with a smal bow and a blu bling.

In the bottom corner you can see that I have used 3 round blue buttons with a patterns on. The buttons have a bow and a bling.

The word Boy, are glued to the light blue ribbon, here are also the letters made whiter with Wink of Stella.

The flowers on this book are blue and white. Since I have blue roses on the pink book, I have used small pink on this book.

I’ve used the same details on this book, in between the flowers.

Now you have seen my two baby books <3

I wish you all a good Sunday, and I send you alot of Inspiration to you <3




Altered Clipboard


Hello Maja Design fans! Have you got a chance to play with the new “Summer Crush” collection by Maja Design? I’ve recently played with this collection and I’m in love with the sweet colors. Today’s project is another project which I’ve created using this collection.

I’ve altered an mdf clipboard using the gorgeous papers. I’ve first covered the whole board with the pattern paper and slowly build layers on top of it using pattern papers, inks, stamps and stencils.

Here are some close-ups.


To create a softer look to it, I’ve added some flowers, picks and lace. I’ve chosen flowers with white base and later, lightly misted it with paint to give it a hint of color. On the lower right of the clipboard, I’ve also altered a huge paper clip with the pattern paper and twine. This huge paper clip can be used with the clipboard.


Hope you all like today’s project! See you all again soon!

Supplies: Maja Design Pattern Papers: Long Summer Nights – Summer Crush, Snapshots – Summer Crush, He Picks Her Up – Summer Crush; Others: Petaloo flowers, butterflies and lace, Art Anthology inks and liquid pearls, Clear Scraps mirror embellishment and stencils, Vilda Stamps stamps, ribbons, Beacon and other adhesives.




Where can you purchase MajaDesign Papers?

MajaDesign collections are sold all around the world – 33 countries and growing with new stores being added often. Are you looking for a store location that sells Maja collections? Here is a helpful Store Finder link to help you shop. If your favorite store is not on this list, consider asking them to carry MajaDesign.

The Vintage Travel Boxes

Hello Everyone
Today it is me Silje Kristin, that will inspire you <3
It’s finally Sunday, and I’m ready for my new post for Maja Design <3
This time I’ll show you a couple of large boxes, that were in a Norwegian Scrapbooking magazine, Ett Trykk.
I have decorated two tin boxes some lovely Maja sheets.
On this boxes I’ve used patterned papers from Maja Design’s collection The Vintage Spring Basics.
This is one of my favorite collection, the colors in the sheets is lovely and complex with the pattern. Its makes it easy to mix sheets and colors to the projects you create.
I have chosen to use the blue sheets from the collection.
I came across these tin boxes in a Norwegian store, called Sisters Grene. I removed the metal fasteners behind the box and lock in the front, before I dresses the sides with paper from Maja Design.
All the edges are blackened with distress Walnut Stain.
Both boxes are decorated with the same details. Instead of using a lot of flowers I decided to use metal details.
The biggest box stands on four large metal corner feet. The brown ribbon, going round the box and is fastned in metal from Tim Holtz. I have also used white metal plates with words from Prima: Bliss – Care – Home. On the lid I have used metal corner, but in the other corner you will see brown brads.
The metal clasp on the front is from Fab Scraps.
On the side of this box I’ve put together words on eatch side, Thankful and Treasure.
The butterflies are from one set from BoBunny with three butterflies dies.
On the smallest box, you will find the same metal decorations as the largest box. Metal plates on this is with numbers and words: 52 – Love – 24. The metal feet are smaller on this box then the bigest one.
On the side of this box, you will find two new words: Adore and Love.
The words give a whole to the boxes and what they symbolize <3
To the boxes I’ve created two different tags, punched out with one set of dies from Nellie Snellen.
On the tags on the bigest box I have used one dies from kaBoks with one word
Fantastic on. Metal decorations on this is charms and a amulet with the words Faith – Hope – Love. The tag are attached with metal rings to the lid on the box.
I have also used a butterfly and some brownbrads.
On the smaller box is the tag slightly smaller. The metal decor is a big key and a small key, I’ve also attached a smal eifel tower on this tag also.
I also spent a die from kaBoks with the words Luck on.
The Butterflies are blackened with the same Distress used elsewhere on the boxes.
The back of the boxes are simple, here are just the metal loops that secure the lid to the box.
And this is my Vintage Travel Boxes, made with the most beautiful sheets from Maja Design <3
 Have a GREAT day everyone <3

A Lovely Christening Present

Today it is a great day.

Today it’s time for me to publish my first post for Maja Design and this I have been looking forward to.

In this Edition of Ett Trykk (Norwegian Scrapbooking Magazine), I have a box and a baby mobile with small mini 3D plane. Both of these are made with beautiful pattern paper from Maja Design. This are a great christening gift, whether to give it to a Baby Girl, Baby Boy or Baby Twins <3

This was originally a black box, inside of it there was a birtday gift from a very good friend. I unpacked the gift and desided to do something about the box.

On the Box I have used a lovely pattern from a great series called Nyhavn, the paper called Sitting at the Dock. One side of the sheet looks like marble and characterizes most of the box. In the corners I have used the other side and a punch from Martha Stewart to get some pattern in the corners.

I’ve spent four silver feet which I have placed in the corners in the bottom of the box. A white I have placed in the corners in the bottom of the box. A white pearl cord attached in between stance and up round the box as well. At the bottom of the lid I have a lovely white ribbon around.

On the top of the lid I made one small plateau in the same paper that I have used on the box. Before I glued it, I used one sheet from The Vintage Baby Paper Pad, on the top, then I attached the small plateau. Here I have also used whith pearl string and the same white ribbon.

Up on the plateau, I have one pair of baby shoes. On the shoes I have used the clear Wink of Stella Brush, for a glittery effect. The baby shoes are decorated alike, besides the blue and pink button of a bear and the bling on the bow.

On each side of the box I’ve decorated in typical girl and boy color. Blue and Pink. These are flowers from Wild Orchids.

In between the flowers I have used two different leaf dies from Memory Box.

On each side, I have used a pink and blue safety pin, as an little detail <3

On the back of the shoes I have made a large bow of a lace from kaBoks <3

On the bow, I have attached a large white butterfly, this is a sett of dies from BoBunny. I’ve also attached one on the front of the box as well.

You open up the lid, you will also see the same ribbon I have used on the outside of the box.

Below it, I glued white pearl string. This I have done because the baby mobile I have made will fit in the box, and the lid must not go so far down.


Then over to the gift <3

I have created a baby mobile which one can have over a child bed. This Baby Mobile is created with 8 small mini planes, created by The Vintage Baby Paper Pad. Four plane are made in pink tones and four are decorated in the blue tones. None of the planes are equal.   

The planes hang down with fishing line, which is attached to the inside of the planes.

This is a tutorial I have developed my self, Here is a link to a larger plane in my Blog.

On the planes you will find detals like wax thread, half pearls and wood.

This is the Baby Mobile along with the box <3

A lovely Christening presents <3


Now you have seen my christening present made with Maja Design <3

I wish you a great Sunday <3



Altered Baby Box

Altered_Baby_Box_Irene_Tan_1Hello Maja fans! Today, I would like to share with you all an altered baby box using Maja Design Vintage Baby collection.

This box is originally just a recycled transparent plastic box. I’ve covered it with pattern papers on the outside as well as inside on the box. I’ve just measured and trace each piece separately and later attached them to the box. To cover the seams, I simply used some washi tape.

Here are some details on it.Altered_Baby_Box_Irene_Tan_2To give it a softer look, I’ve added strip of lace and pearls around the cover of the box. I’ve also added some flowers to it.Altered_Baby_Box_Irene_Tan_3Altered_Baby_Box_Irene_Tan_4This is such a fun project to make! Hope you all like it and see you all again soon!

Supplies Used: Pattern Papers: Maja Design 6 x 6 Vintage Baby Collection; Others: Petaloo flowers, pearls, lace, button and adhesives.Vintage-Baby-PIrene-sign

Where can you purchase Maja Design Papers?
Maja Design collections are sold all around the world – 33 countries and growing with new stores being added often. Are you looking for a store location that sells Maja collections? Here is a helpful Store Finder link to help you shop. If your favorite store is not on this list, consider asking them to carry Maja Design.
MajaDesign Channel
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Baby boy train

Goodmorning lovelies,

Last Thursday I became a aunt again but this time to a handsome little boy {finally after having six nieces whom I adore too of course} named Lucas Julian. Until now we had the only boy in the family so for Kevin it’s great too now that he has a nephew. For the occasion I made a pretty little train using the Vintage Baby collection.20150822_150019I had such a great time making this train but I misjudged the time it would take to make. First I took out all the blue papers from the vintage baby collection and then selected which papers I was going to use. I made the train to be a piggy bank so the wagon which has his name spelled on it he can put money in. { well for now his parents need too :-) }20150822_150001I put some little sock in the locomotive so it would not be so empty. I stitched & distressed most of the edges of the papers. And of course I had to add some flowers hihihi even for a boy.20150822_145944Do you see those little pacifiers on the wagon?? When I was about 7 or 8 those things were hot in my part of the world all the little kids where wearing them around their necks and every once in a while it comes back. 20150822_145813The sheet I used for this locomotive is one of my favorites I just love those little elephants on it aren’t they just way cute? Sorry for all the sunlight but Saturday when I visited my brother, sister in law & niece it was very sunny and because it was a gift to them I had to take pictures very fast. 20150822_145821The parts of the train I didn’t put paper on I gessod. Normally I tare little pieces of paper and then stick them on there but this time the edges where to small to treat it like that. 20150822_145834Most of you who know my work know that I love to make my own flowers but for this I used prepared flowers just because I didn’t have that much time to make my own.  20150822_145841Maja Design papers used:Vintage-Baby-PThank you so much for your visit today and I do hope you like my off the page project!


small cakes

Hi there dear Maja friends!
Ingrid here today with, I’m sadly to say, my last blogpost here at Maja’s.
It’s been a wonderful journey with a wonderful team!
I want to thank the Maja staff for having me and letting me play with all those
gorgeous papers! <3
Also want to thank this awesome team, you girls are amazing!!! <3

With my last post I want to share my love for all the papers.
As you might know I have made a lot of mini cakes.
This post will show a few of them with different collections.

This cake is my latest, made with the Summer Crush collection.

20150723_151052These cakes are pre made but can easily be made with small round boxes.
They can be opened and they have room for a small note or present.

20150723_151407For the tops of the cakes I applied some fabric fiber to imitate the whipped cream.
Once dry, I gave it a touch with some gesso.

20150723_151452Loving these colors together, esp. my favorite, turquoise!

20150723_151506Papers used:

Met her at the dance
Off to meet him
image003And her are some oldies.
Old cakes but still yummy!
All of these cakes are already found a new home. :)

DSC_0096With the Vintage Summer collection.

DSC_0081With the Vintage Summer collection.

DSC_0006With the Vintage Autumn collection.

DSC_0485With the Vintage Spring collection.


With the Vintage Summer collection.

DSC_0271With the Vintage Summer collection.

Hope you enjoyed watching my cakes and get inspired.
So for now it’s goodbye but I’m sure we will be seeing each other!
Lots of love
Ingrid xxx


Welcome, Little Prince!

Hello there, Maja Fans!

I’m so happy you’ve visited the blog today :) I have a sweet welcome baby boy set I made using our beautiful Vintage Baby collection, combining the 12×12 papers and the small pad. The set consists of a photo frame and a matching card.

I selected some blue and beige designs from the collection to fit a boy frame:

mdbbsetI trimmed the papers and layered them and then fixed to a piece of cardboard. I cut out label shapes and made them into tags, I also die-cut sweet stars and decorated the top star with a button:

mdbbset1I made a pocket to fit a 9×13 cm photo by choosing one of the journaling cards, cutting out the central bracket label and matting it with a trimmed piece of paper, mounted on flat 3D dots so that the photo slides in more easily:

mdbbset5I love it when signature strips offer some additional designs you can use to decorate your projects! Here I cut off a piece to add to my “star-flag” :)

mdbbset2One of the signature strips from large sheets is included in the designs of the small pad :) I used it under the photo pocket:

mdbbset3I also made a custom topper by sticking a round epoxy upon a postamp image of a baby and then cut it out. I matted the sticker with another circle and mounted upon a kraft die-cut star:

mdbbset4Then, using some left-over scraps and similar elements, I made a congratulation card:

mdbbset6mdbbset7mdbbset8And finally I put the photo frame into a shadow-box frame and the set is ready to be presented – as soon as the little prince decides to arrive :)

mdbbset0I really like the way the set turned out – and I’m really proud of myself as I managed not to use even a single flower! 😀


Maja Design papers: Vintage Baby: small pad, Sweet little prince, Sweet little prince bs, Cutie, Newborn, Welcome little one, Die cuts, Journaling cards blue. Other: Dies: Sizzix, Joy! Crafts; glitter: Ranger; buttons, pom-poms, twine, cheescloth – from my stash.

See you!Maja-sign


photo frame with shutters

Hi there Maja friends!
Ingrid here today with an altered photo frame with shutters.
Made this one with the gorgeous “Summer Crush” collection.

IMG_1076Photo is of my youngest girl with her boyfriend when they just fell in love.

IMG_1087Made some rolled flowers with the papers as well.
Just love making those and they always matches the project!

IMG_1098The white swirl is from Scrapberry’s and the heart string is a piece of a child necklace.

IMG_1090For the shutters I cut some small strips of paper and distressed the edges.

IMG_1096Another lovely detail: an earring I found in my treasure box.
Never throw away single earrings! :)

IMG_1101I wove a small strip of the “sweetheart” sheet through the white chipboard fence.

IMG_1089Some matching flowers were given a coat with gesso to give them a more softer look.

IMG_1092I bet you are falling in love with this gorgeous collection as well!

image003Papers used:
First date, long summer nights, sweetheart, falling in love.

Enjoy your day!
Ingrid xxx



The Sweetness of Scrapping Baby Photos

Sweet Dreams_GabriellePollacco

Hi everyone! It’s Gabrielle here with you today to share with you my first page using the incredibly beautiful Maja Vintage Baby collection.


When I first saw this collection it made me wish I still had my own little bablies to scrap!! But fortunately I have some really sweet photos of my little great-niece Kiera that I have the privilege of scrapping.  I knew these were the papers that would be a perfect compliment to here sweet little photo.  I used 5 of the pretty patterned papers to create this page….Special Moment-bs, Die Cuts-bs, Flowers for Mum, Journaling Cards Pink-both sides, and Our Little Miracle.

Sweet Dreams_GabriellePollacco_close3

I gotta love it when two of the design teams I’m on create products that work so well together!  This chipboard baby banner by Dusty Attic was just the perfect compliment for the lovely vintage look of the Maja papers.  I gave them a simple paint job using Tim Holtz Victorian Velvet Distress paint (also used on the background paper).

Sweet Dreams_GabriellePollacco_close2

The floral accents are a recent new release from Prima (the butterfly is part of the set) and the cute lil title is from another new Dusty Attic chipboard word pack.

Sweet Dreams_GabriellePollacco_close1

The little wooden toy chest is a wood embellishment by a Polish company called Scrapeniec.  The cool thing is that I created this page for The Scrapbook Diaries as a Page Kit……so you can get all the products I used on this page all in one kit, along with a full video tutorial on how to make the page.  It can be ordered as either a Girl Kit, as I made it, or a Boy kit using the blues in the Maja Vintage Baby collection.  The kit is available while quantities last at The Scrapbook Diaries.

Shabby Chic Wall Hanging_small

Before I close off for today I thought I would share one more project that I recently made using papers from the Maja Coffee in the Arbour collection and the Sofiero collection.  As some of you may know I recently shared a line of stencils I designed for The Crafter’s Workshop.  One of the stencil I designed was called ‘Complicated Hearts’  here I used the stencils (both 6×6 and 12×12 size) to create the center pieces for this Shabby Chic wall decor….and of course combined it with these lovely Maja Design paper collections.

I actually made up a step by step video tutorial on how this project was made, so sit back, relax and enjoy! …

I hope you enjoyed my little tutorial, and hope you feel inspired to play with the pretty shabby chic beauty of the Maja Design papers.  Thanks so much for stopping by today! xo