In Our Sofa…Andrea

Happy Saturday morning, Maja friends! It’s Andrea here with you today to share my scrap space! I am very fortunate in that a few years ago we added an addition to our house, one that included a master suite and bathroom…which consequently left us with a spare bedroom. Well, not for long as I comandeered the space for my crafty pleasures… {insert sinister laugh here}. Andrea-EwenSo here we go…I apologize in advance for having to use a flash as I picked to two gloomiest days of the year to take photos of a room that only has one window: MR2The above cabinet hold miscellaneous stickers, raffia, bows, extra adhesives, scissors and travel bags for when I go away to craft.MR3I keep most of my paper here, Maja get segregated from the rest since it’s the paper I use most often.MR4I‘m convinced that closet doors are best left closed, as evidenced by the following photo:
MR5In here I keep extra gift bags, wrapping paper, travel bags, lace, stamp cartridges, Christmas cards…basically anything I can’t fit (or don’t like to view on a regular basis) gets shoved in here.MR6The above shelf holds all of my extra inks, glues, Modge Podge, stamps and extra papers. I guess you could say I’m a hoarder, wink wink.
MR7These drawers contain punches (in the bottom drawer) and twine and seam binding in the top drawer.
MR8 This is my main sitting area. I do have an extra chair for whomever would want to chat while I’m working. I have a lovely view of my plants outside.MR9The extra chair is also used as my sewing station. I keep all my notions in the shelf above the machine along with pins, buttons, inks and markers.MR10This is the full view of all of my ‘accessories’. Inks, markers, punches, buttons, flowers paper…basically you name it, it’s tucked in there somewhere.MR11I‘m also very lucky that my husband is a carpenter by trade, so he was sweet enough to make these dividers for all the colors of my papers. I can’t even think of the mess that these papers would be in if they weren’t organized like this.MR12Here is my late night crafting light box. I don’t like these photos as much as natural daylight, but at 2 in the morning, this has to suffice….MR13Above the light box are accessories that I sometimes use to place behind my cards. Gives a little depth perception and charm. I also store my most recent creations on these shelves until they get delegated to a box below.MR14My wall of punches….MR15Buttons, favorite ink pads, liquid pearls and Stickles. Along with boxes of flowers arranged by color….MR16A closer view of my ‘go-to’ section.
MR17The above drawers are designated for pearls/crystals/accoutrements. I also have a decent stash of Zva Creative flourishes and this is also where I store my die cutting machine for easy access.
MR18The sewing center. I keep my scoring board and extra long cutting boards on the shelf just under the counter to my right.MR19Ribbons (unorganized and messy) but divided up by ‘warm’ colors on top and ‘cool’ colors on the bottom.

MR21Whoops…didn’t have time to organize those up above…that is a pretty good picture of how my craft room looks on a daily basis.MR20My view while crafting. Sometimes it’s quite distracting…but I have to say it makes me happy.

Thanks for joining me for this photo heavy post…hope you enjoyed a peek around my craft space! In zero to thirty it’ll be a mess again!

Enjoy your weekend! Andrea-sign

In our Sofa- Welcome at Marilyn’s Place


Hello Maja friends!!  Today is my turn to show you my little paradise that is how I call my scrapbook room. I moved to USA eight months ago and I took the smallest room in our apartment that is near to a big tree full of beautiful birds like cardinals and many other species that are singing all day.  For that reason my desk is near to the window and I can see and listen all these beautiful creatures meanwhile I was creating my pages, it is like a paradise for me…priceless!!  My room in not a gorgeous or fancy place, it is only 10 x 10 room that is very practical and functional for me. Let’s get started with the tour…

DSC_6910Here’s how it looks from the door. To the left you see my work area (desk), the double white doors in the back is the closet.  In the right side you see my sewing machine and “Juanita” that is how I called my dress form, lol.

DSC_6914Up front you’ll see my complete work area, in the left you see my photo printer and under it a drawer where I keep my cardstocks and papers. I will tell you a secret…how much do you think I paid for this desk…?  I paid twenty five dollars for it in a Goodwill Stores…awesome! I left most of my scrapbooking furniture in Puerto Rico and I only brought a few thing. I had to buy almost everything again so I was looking for good bargains. So I was happy with this buy. In the bottom right is my baby boy “Sponky” he is a 14 year old dog..always beside me.

DSC_6915In these small drawers I organize my Liquid Pearls, Stickers, gelatos, Chalk inks, etc..

DSC_6917-copyIn the top of the desk, I have plastic jars with flowers, ribbon, laces, pearls. I also have my works and some gifts like the beautiful cards that Ingrid Gooyer and Maritza Valdez sent me from my Birthday. The things I used the most you see them on the shelf.

DSC_6918Behind the small door you will find my stencils, alphas, mesh tape,doily papers and stamps.

DSC_6920I bought this rolling organizer at Michael’s and it’s perfect for my paints, mediums and mists.

DSC_6922My hubby put hooks under the desk and I can hang my heat tool and glue in this way, which is very practical.

DSC_6930When you open the double doors that is what you find.  I design for different companies and here is where I keep all their products in plastic organizers and in white boxes. Each company has their own plastic box and I organizer by collection, embellishments, etc. I also keep here my Cricut machine and Cutttlebug.

DSC_6934This is the view from the window.  I bought this industrial sewing machine before I started to study Fashion Designer, twenty seven years ago.  The big furniture was a gift from my mom and I brought it from Puerto Rico.

DSC_6935This is the place where I keep my laces, sewing notions, stamps, different tools.

DSC_6937The drawers…one for my threads and the other for my punches.  I keep my laces in plastic boxes.

DSC_6939My die cuts, embossing folders are in this plastic containers from Dollar Tree.


In this corner you will find flowers, flowers and more flowers…

DSC_6928These baskets are full only of Prima flowers and embellishments.

DSC_6929One drawer is for my buttons, other for more flowers, other for my pearls….

DSC_6940Stamps and dies

DSC_6941Metals, buttons and chipboard.   You see I have everything organized without spent a fortune.  I hope you enjoyed my scrapbook room tour…Thank you so much for your visit!!

Marilyn-sign (1)


In our sofa – Welcome at Ingrid’s place


Hi there Maja friends!
Today it’s my turn to share my little scrap place.
And little it is!! LOL
I’m not having the luxury of having my own scrap room and always make my projects on my dinner table. Not having a scrap room means you’ll find my stash and products all over the place! And I mean everywhere!! :)
My two girls are still living with us but it will not be long before they will leave the nest.
Always kidding them by asking them when they will leave so that I can redecorate their rooms into a scraproom. Shhh(don’t tell)…the truth is I love having them around me!

Here are some photo’s of my house, so sit back and don’t mind all the mess!!I remember buying this white cabinet and wondering how I was ever going to fill this one and look at it now……need I say more? :)
Packed with projects just for me, but also a lot of projects waiting for a new home.
Love to give them as gifts to my family and friends!
The keyboard and the guitar is from hubby.

Can you guess what’s my favorite color? :)
This is the other side of my living room with a view of my small backyard.

Painted my stairway some years ago. All the colors still makes me very happy!

A rare view of one side of my living room…..empty dinner table!
Darling daughter finally has a chance to actually sit at that table!
I always try to clean up the table after every project.
Doesn’t always works that way but I kinda like all the goodies at my display!

Boxes, boxes and boxes everywhere!

This is what my table looks like after another Maja project!
Now you see why I desperate need a scraproom, don’t you? LOL

I have to admit I have a crazy obsession to find it difficult to throw anything away from all of those papers. Every little piece I have to keep and I even save all the leftovers from my punched flowers!
Do you think I need some help? :)

All my painting is done in my kitchen.
It’s very small but somehow I find a way to work between all the cups and plates!
I’m driving my girls crazy when they need the space for making their lunch or even to make a cup of tea! No worry girls, we will find an empty place! :)

I told you it would be messy! LOL

But he….I DO clean!!
Ready for another project! :)

Hope you all liked this post and who knows, maybe soon I will be lucky to have my own space! :)
Enjoy your day!
Ingrid xxx

Winner of the June Mood board

Here is a reminder of what it looked like…

And here are our contributions for this month…

Thank you all so much for your lovely pieces of art! As always, someone has to win… and this time the lucky one is…

Amy Voorthuis_2Amy Voorthuis!! Congratulations, the collection of your choice will be sent to you.

We will be back in August with a new Mood board challange, make sure to keep an eye out there so that you don’t miss it…


In our sofa…Welcome to Camilla’s place

Hi everyone! Camilla here. Today it is my turn to show you where I create my scrapbooking projects.

Camilla-EkmanAs you can see I only have half a room as my scrap space so I have to keep it organized. Thankfully I live in Sweden, the homeland of IKEA. LOL

Rum1Here is the desk I normally use when I scrapbook. Sometimes I move into the kitchen or the living room though, especially if I scrap for a whole day and want to watch television at the same time.

Rum2 In this area I have all my dies. The Silhouette is sadly very rarely used.

Rum3 And on these shelves I have my mists.

Rum4 I have some of my papers standing in the book shelf. The older papers I don’t use anymore I have put away into a closet.

Rum5 Above the desk I have shelves with boxes. The boxes contains older flowers, which I have sorted by colours.

Rum6 And my punches and border punches are in plastic containers like these.

Rum7 As you might have noticed I like plastic containers since I can easily see what’s inside. Here I have newer Prima flowers still in their packages and also my laces from Tresors de Luxe and chipboards from Blue Fern Studios.

Rum8 This drawer is also from IKEA and contains different stuff. Rum9 On my desk I have these containers with different mixed media products and stamps I often use.

Rum10Finally… Here’s what my desk looked like the other night when I sat down to work on a Maja Design project. You will see the result if you head on over here tomorrow morning…


A farewell and a welcome back

As you read last weekend our beloved Nadia has decided to step down to spend more time with her family. We think she made the right decision and wish her all the best in her future. Here are a couple of Nadia’s beautiful creations that she has created for us.
Nadia’s wonderful replacement is no stranger… Please welcome back the talented Cathy Lane from South Africa.Cathy-Lane-2

Here are a few of her layouts that she has made for us in the past…Cathy_LaneCathyLaneI hope you will find Cathy’s work inspiring.

And… I am going to share a CT position with Cathy, so you will also see some of my work. Here are a few Maja creations I have done in the past…Jenny_Grotherus2Jenny_GrotherusJenny_GrotherusJenny


The first bottle message of this summer…

It’s very nice to see how the new collection has travelled all over the world and found it’s way to crafty scrappers. This bottle message was drifting on Facebook, just waiting to be picked up.And here comes two more beautiful cards that Dorota has made…

We thank Dorota for the inspiration and for uploading her creations on our Facebook site. Please contact me at and give me your address and phone number so we can send you a surprise package with goodies.

So don’t forget to upload your creations on our Facebook page. You never know who picks it up!

Meet our Summer Girl

Our Guest Team this year consists of four very talented girls from all over the globe. Each and one of them represent the current season and are creating projects with the Basics line that matches it.

Do you want to be the Winter Girl and create projects for us with Vintage Frost Basics? I will pick our Winter Girl from our Mood Board contributions. So if you want to be our guest, work our Mood Boards the very best you can and maybe YOU will be given the honour.

The time has come to introduce you to our beloved Summer Girl.Summer---Iris-Babao-Uy

IRIS BABAO UY is a designer based in The Philippines who specializes in teaching classes that marries the beauty of traditional scrapbooking with the vinrant colors and rich textures of mixed media. Iris is known for her shabby chic and romantic style but also enjoys working with bold patterns and striking colors.

Iris’ work has been published many times in different international magazines.

Iris has been teaching classes for years now all over Asia, The United Arab Emirates, Australia, and Europe. A generous teacher when it comes to sharing her knowledge and techniques with both beginner and advanced scrappers.

You can see more of Iris’ work in her blog:

And here comes her three wonderful projects that she has created for us…
IMG_2244Iris explains.

“To create the page I used a Maja Paper as base and layered a watercolor paper on top of it. I Applied texture pastes, mists and inks on the watercolor paper and proceeded to layer Maja Design Papers on top of it. The chipboard shapes were painted and embossed to give more texture.”IMG_2247 IMG_2250 IMG_2254 IMG_2260

I used papers from the Vintage Summer Basics as well as the following:
Watercolor paper, Texture Pastes and Gesso,’Distress Inks, Shimmerz Mists, Prima Flowers, Burlap Fabric, White Foam Sheets, Buttons.


Her next project is a beautiful canvas frame.
“I Made a canvas frame as a gift to one of my scrappy friends. I started with a stretched canvas and applied soft gel medium on top of the canvas. I then added torn patterned papers from Maja Design Vintage Summer Basic and added another coat of soft gel medium to coat and protect the surface of the canvas. As it dried I added texture mediums and gesso over a stencil. Mists and Glazes followed next. Once the surface was completely dry I then added the rest of the layers.”IMG_2276IMG_2283 IMG_2290 IMG_2288IMG_2285 IMG_2286

Last, but not least, she has created a beautiful set of note cards for us…IMG_2274 IMG_2270 IMG_2267We thank Iris for being our guest and the beautiful project she created for us. I hope you have enjoyed Iris’s projects as much as we have. In September you will meet our Autumn Girl who will play with Vintage Autumn Basics. So don’t miss her…

June Mood Board

Summer is here and it’s time to move out in the garden. There’s nothing like enjoying a cup of coffee in the sun and enjoy the moment. The winter will be here before you know it. So here’s a tribute to our very short summer outdoors, based no the new Coffee In The Arbour collection. JuneMBAnd here’s a little reminder of what our mood boards are used for…

Definition mood board – n

a board used by designers on which samples of various colours and textures are mounted to help in deciding which elements complement each other

We are using mood boards for our challenges. We truely believe in creativity and art at Maja Design. You are free to interpret the mood boards in any way you’d like. They are supposed to set you in an inspirational mood without too much controlling. We would like you to be inspired by the poems, words and photos. They are not given rules, they are just there as inspiration. They are all inspired by a Maja collection, but you are free to use any Maja papers you’d like as long as they follow the colour scheme. We highly encourage you to follow the theme of the mood board as well.

We are presenting a new mood board the first Saturday of every month. We will be presenting all participating creations that fulfill the requirements below July 26th. We will also draw a winner who will be winning a Maja Design collection of their own choice in 6×6 or 12×12.

After your creation is done, take a photo and send it to without any watermarks (size 600×600). Include your full name and address in the e-mail together with what collection you would like if you win. Don’t forget to write down if you would like 6×6 or 12×12. We need your creation July 23rd at the latest.

We will only publish creations that fullfill the requirements!

And here comes inspiration created by our new fabulous Creative Team…Elena_OlinevichElena OlinevichGabrielle_PollaccoGabrielle Pollacco
Jenny_GrotherusJenny GrotherusLarissa_AlbernazLarissa AlbernazMaja_NowakMaja NowakRachelle_SigurdsonRachelle SigurdsonJenny

In Our Sofa …. Welcome to Nancy’s Creative Space

Hello Maja Design fans and friends! Nancy Hanttula here, and today is my turn to share a glimpse into my creative space.

Door Sign 2

Above is a vinyl chalkboard sign that I have hanging on my creative space door. ( A disclaimer of sorts. )  Because, I won’t lie, my space is seldom that tidy.  I do try to clean up after projects….but there always seems to be a bit of chaos going on.  But, with that said, I did clean up knowing that I was inviting guests over. :)

So, come on in….it’s the door to the right……

door to the right

I feel so blessed to have a room to call all my own.  Before moving into our new house, I was a dining room table scrapper.  I had all my supplies “neatly” organized alongside the wall (yes, the dining room wall) …. well, at least until I was in the middle of a project, and then well, things weren’t so neat.  And as most scrappers realize way too late, supplies start to amass in quantities you just do not plan for.

So, let’s open up my door…

1 Inside the DoorFortunately, I had not been scrapping too long before we moved to a bigger house (frankly, with our 2nd child, we were busting at the seams), and I was fortunate enough to get to have one of the extra bedrooms all to myself to turn into my very own creative paradise.

AND that is exactly what I did.

1 paints inks glues

AND before I even organized my clothes closet, I set to work on getting my creative space up and running. :)   A girl has to have her priorities.

1 stamps

Above is a shelving unit that I got at an estate sale for $5…it was already backed with the peg board.  AND was already painted the pretty Robin Egg blue.  This is where I have most of my acrylic and block stamps organized.

Since moving into my creative space, the space has evolved.  There once was a time that I had a baby play-pen beside my desk.

1 stamp cassette holder

Above is a cassette tape holder that I have had since the 1980′s…..I knew I would need it for something! It’s perfect for holding my ink pads.

Interestingly enough…I have noticed that 2 of the spaces that you have already visited on this Maja Design Creative Team tour, have the very same shelving system that I finally invested in a couple of years back…the Ikea Expedit shelving.  I cannot believe that Jenny rescued hers from the dump!

1 Expedit Shelves

I have 2 of the shelves next to each other and then one row of the white craft shelves from Michaels to fit the final space in the corner, across the entire side of the north wall.  What I personally love about these shelves is that the storage spaces are 13 inches x 13 inches….perfect for your 12 x 12 papers.  And because space is limited for most of us, vertical storage is such a great way to save and expand on space.  AND if that wasn’t enough, there is a ton of storage above the shelves.

1 ribbon holder

So I store a lot of stuff on top of the shelves.  Here is a photo of some of my ribbon.  I bought an over-the-door shoe rack….instead of using it for shoes, I used the spools to put my ribbon on.  This cost me all of $12 at Walmart.  For other storage, I have a relatively narrow buffet that I use to store more of my ribbon stash, and a low 6 drawer dresser for my sticker storage and various miscellaneous ephemera stash.

1 closet catchall

I have a closet in this room (photo above)….which needs a bit of a redo.  I need to make the very most of this space. In here I house a lot of various miscellaneous, my blank canvases, etc.  And,  I use the closet doors for punch storage and to hold a peg board for additional supplies that can be hung on hooks.

1 door storage

1 punch storage

See-through, over-the-door shoe holders are perfect to hold my punches.  They only cost me a few dollars at my local Walmart.  I also have one hanging on the back of my actual studio door. I have very little space go to waste in my room.

1 punch storage 2

And now for my desk…..My desk was bought from Target on-line….and was a birthday present from my dear husband a few years back.

1 my desk


Above my desk is an inexpensive pegboard system that I also bought at Walmart.

It is the same Peg Board that my husband bought for our garage. Easy to install.  I am a very visual person and need to see my supplies.  So I find this works very well for me.

Some other interesting organizational things I have created for my space include a magnet board that I created for all of my Prima/Ingvild chalk inks.  First of all, I am obsessed with these particular chalk inks.  When I saw the entire set on sale at, I had to have them.  I glued a magnet to the bottom of each one using E6000 glue, and placed them onto a 12 x 12 decorative metal wall hanging sheet.

Ink Magnet

This keeps them easy for me to get to and organized, especially when using my magnetic We R Memory Keepers cutting mat.  BUT I did see a rather awesome chalk ink organizer on Gabrielle’s desk that has me intrigued…..I have not seen that organizer before.  Maybe Gabrielle can share exactly what type of organizer that is and perhaps where it can be purchased? :)


Another thing that I had to do to get my mists/sprays organized was to create a color board.  I have a lot of mists…and I really needed to be able to see exactly what colors and finishes each particular one created.  I have seen some tag books that some artists have created for this purpose…but as visual as I am, I need to be able to compare and contrast at a glance.  So, using a smallish (I think about a 2 inch) square punch, I punched out a bunch of white squares, and then misted each square with one of my mists/sprays.  Then, I glued them all down to a sheet so I could hang it on my wall for easy reference.  I won’t lie, it is in need of being updated as my collection has grown since I created this board.  But here is a photo of this tool that I frequently use.  After spraying the square, I wrote the color and manufacturer down for easy reference.

Mists and Sprays

I hope you have enjoyed this tour into my home and into my personal creative space.  It has been a pleasure having you over.  I will tell you, I plan on relocating my space to my daughter’s room when she leaves for college (in like 12 years :) ) because she has the most incredible closet that would be amazing for my crafty supplies.  :)   Here’s some quick pics of her closet space….


closet 2

It even has built in shelves on the insides.  But, shhhhh, that’s a secret for now.

Wishing you a super creative and blessed weekend!  Hugs!

1` A A Nancy-sign (1)